Thursday, December 3, 2015

San Bernadino Shootings

I'm kind of glad I stayed home yesterday instead of wasting a bunch of time documenting a bunch of meaningless tripe about the San Bernardino shootings in real time on my blog, because the narrative was changing constantly. I tried to study how the media was covering it, and it was all confusion and contradictory reports. First there were 1-3 shooters, they were wearing colored tee-shirts, then they were all in black and wore tactical gear, then one was seen casually driving away in a "black Yukon," which then turned into a "dark SUV" that wasn't a Yukon at all, etc. It took several hours to just get to that point, no doubt terrorizing the hundreds of thousands of citizens in that area because the shooters remained at large. I still don't feel I have enough information to definitively say that this was a hoax or a false flag, I'm actually leaning more towards a false flag with set-up patsies at this point, but who knows. It's a lot easier to tell what the real motive of this terror event is, and that's what is being pushed on TV. Racial and religious division, gun-grabbing, mental hygiene laws, stricter internet controls and monitoring, etc. Don't fall for it folks. I'm going to do some research now, so expect some updates on this post. And keep an eye out for news the media is desperately trying to distract you from.

*** UPDATE ***
Great video from Red Silver J:

Here's a video offering from Peekay showing a screen grab from an early news report. Notice how much the narrative has changed since then.

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