Monday, September 14, 2015

Remembering Kenny from Kenny's Sideshow

It's been about a year since Kenny wrote his last post. I still don't know how he died. If anyone out there knows, I'd appreciate them commenting here. I doubt I'd be much comforted, in any case, because I know he died suddenly (here's his obituary) and he was only 62 and didn't drink, smoke, and was a vegetarian.

Kenny was a wonderful writer, and if you've never had the pleasure of visiting his website, please do because it was very informative. I still check it from time to time to see what people on his blogroll have to say. Most of my internet traffic from back then was due to the fact that I was listed on that blogroll. I've never met Kenny in person but on-line he was really important to me -- he was pretty much my "imaginary audience" -- every time I posted something, I'd think, "would Kenny like this article?" I still think about him all the time. Say hi to God for me Kenny. Rest in peace.


Scott from American Everyman left a comment, saying that he heard Kenny suffered a massive heart attack after doing yard work and didn't suffer. I guess that's about the best way to go, if not in your sleep. Thanks, Scott, for letting us know.


willyloman said...

Hi Jody, this is willyloman, AKA Scott. I miss Kenny as well. It's funny how someone you never met in person can seem like they were a part of your life but I guess that's what the old "interwebs" do for us.

At some point on my article about Kenny passing away, someone close to him left a comment about what happened. Apparently he had been doing yard work and had a massive heart attack when he went back inside. She said he went very quickly and suffered little. I don't know if I left that comment or removed it seeing as how I never tried to verify whether or not the person was who she claimed. It may be there. I can't remember. But I do remember hearing that same story from another frequenter of the site, someone who's website appears on Kenny's blogroll like mine does so I assume it is an accurate representation of what happened. If you hear differently, please let me know. Kenny was good people. There are far too few like him left I fear. He is missed by his site lives on and I still get a number of hits from his site everyday because people still use his RSS feed to find information everyday.

I think I remember something about the woman saying they thought about taking the site down but decided to leave it up as kind of a memorial to him. I can't be sure about that.

willyloman said...

Upon further investigation, it was a comment by someone named Royce on my website.

No More Myths said...

I certainly miss Kenny. He provided me with a platform that few in the "alternative" media would have.

I was brought up as a Christian. One of the first books that I had when I was a child was an illustrated King James version of the New Testament. When I was a teenager, I met some followers of a radical Christian cult and spent several years living in their communes until I overcame their brainwashing and left in disgust because of their despicable practices. I continued to read the Bible, but the more I read the more contradictions, absurdities and atrocities I discovered in the "Good Book". I started reading Bible criticism and came to the realization that the Bible is not the "inerrant word of God" but a compilation of falsehoods written by deceitful, evil men.

Royce said...

Just a note to tell you Kenneth's mother Helen died Jan 2, 2018 3 days short of her 92nd Birthday! I know she is at peace that she is now with her beloved Kenneth!