Friday, August 28, 2015

More on the Virginia Shooting

Less than 24 hours after his daughter's murder, Andy Parker goes on the air and quite eloquently lays out his new life's goal to be the "John Walsh of Gun Control." As I said in the comments, "Um, doesn't this guy have a funeral to plan? [...] This is insulting to all thinking people with real emotions." Here's the interview with commentary from RedSilverJ:

Here's the clincher: The Virginia Shooting Is Fake! BBC Journalists Covering Virginia Shooting Forced To Delete Footage! by Northerntruthseeker

He cites an article that says "Two BBC journalists who were covering the Virginia shooting on Wednesday, say that they were threatened by Virginia police after filming the scene where gunman Bryce Williams crashed and shot himself. They say a police officer threatened to confiscate their camera and car if they did not delete their footage."

The officer told the reporters "the footage “could be evidence,” and that they were forced to delete it. Um, you don't delete evidence, do you? Clear violation of the fourth and first amendments!!! This stinks to high heaven.

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