Friday, June 26, 2015

Jahar(?) confesses while Pinckney(?) lies in state

A lot has happened in the last few days and I guess I'd better address a couple of them because they would appear to contradict a couple of my most recent hoax allegations.

First off, Jahar Tsarnaev was formally sentenced to death in federal court. Surprisingly, he was given an opportunity to speak and actually did say something. Well, that's what the reporters say anyway, because cameras and recording devices were not allowed in the courtroom, which is why the general public haven't seen hide nor hair from the kid since his arrest except some cartoons that make him look decades older than he actually is.

We're told that Tsarnaev thanked his attorneys (who pretty much sent him to death row with their opening statement) and then, to make absolutely sure there's no confusion, admitted his guilt and said he was sorry in a "thick Russian accent."

Now, I have a bit of a problem with this, because I know Jahar doesn't have a thick Russian accent. His friends have been known to say they weren't even aware he had been born outside this country. I've heard him speak to his niece in baby talk. It's hard to tell if people have an accent in this context, but he certainly isn't "hard to understand." His older brother Tamerlan has an accent, but he was seven years older than Jahar when he came to America! Jahar was in the third grade (8-9 years old) when he came to America. Generally, if you are immersed in a language before puberty you learn to speak it without an accent. I know something about this because I was an exchange student to France for a year when I was 16 years old. People could tell I was a foreigner but couldn't say where I was from.

So, the obvious question to ask is, "was that the real Jahar who confessed, or just another actor, or ... was Jahar just an actor all along?" Because there's no way the Boston marathon bombing was for real, folks. I've looked at the evidence, and I won't be retracting that opinion no matter what I hear journalists say this guy with the thick Russian accent said.

The next thing that seemingly calls into question my contention that the Charleston shootings were a hoax is the fact that the body of Rev. Pinckney is being laid out for all to see at the South Carolina State House. But the obvious question to ask here is, could that be as fake as everything else? There has been much speculation that Lenin's body was wax-works in the vein of Madame Tussaud. Is that really Rev. Pinckney's body everyone's looking at? If it is, that doesn't exclude the possibility that this shooting was a false flag, just with real victims. But somehow, I don't think so. Anyway that's what I think, and that's just my opinion. You're welcome to your own.

Thanks to dublinsmick in the comments for the link to these vids from RedSilverJ that support my contention that the Charleston Shooting was indeed a hoax:

More crummy acting:


james@wpc said...

If it really was Jahar that was in front of those reporters, there would be no way it wasn't video taped by the government. And if he said those words on tape, there would be no way that tape wouldn't be all over the news. It's bullshit, as you say, Jody.

Anonymous said...

Crisis actor begins smiling while reciting lines.

Cops stand by to make sure wax body is not touched.

Jody Paulson said...

Thanks for your comments, guys ... esp. that first link, dublinsmick. That kid who just lost his mom was obviously reciting a bunch of lines.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. And I trust the mainstream media to always tell the story that the "government" wants told regardless of what the truth is, especially the Boston Globe. And I can't tell whether this courtroom artist is just a bad artist or if someone else has been in the courtroom instead of Jahar.

What I do know is that he had no pressure cooker bomb in his backpack and neither did Tamerlan. The real Jahar, wherever he is, would have had nothing to do with such an activity as bombing people at the marathon or anywhere else. There's no way he would have given up his relationship with his niece.

This false flag couldn't hardly have been more obvious and it's beyond me how anyone could believe such nonsense.

The Dylann Storm Roof church shooting is also an obvious false flag. I can't say whether Rev. Pinckney was assassinated, but I suspect that was the case. Dylann does not seem to be "all there" whether because of drugs, mind control, or whatever. Something about it reminds me of the James Holmes case -- maybe just the very odd feeling to it.