Thursday, February 5, 2015

More fake news ... Brian Williams fesses up

I had a lot of fun on Twitter today, as yesterday big shot news anchor Brian Williams was forced to confess that his helicopter did not, in fact face enemy fire in 2003 as he had claimed in this video.

So Twitter users made light of this fact with a BrianWilliamsMisrembers hashtag. Here's is Williams's obviously disingenuous apology:

Oh, and check out this stunning hypocrisy:
"In a 2007 lecture at New York University’s journalism school, NBC News host Brian Williams touted his 'BS meter' when it came to credible news and mocked the credibility of bloggers, pitting himself—a man 'developing credentials to cover my field of work'—against lowly bloggers who can’t always be trusted."

I watched the immolation video that prompted Jordan to get on the bandwagon attacking ISIS. It looks like Rita Katz and the hoaxsters have upped their production value, but this video may give you a clue about how it may have been made.

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