Tuesday, October 8, 2013

100% Proof Two People In Car (Capital Shooting)

Here's a follow-up video by Max Malone about the woman who was shot by Capitol Police. Also, I might mention that conspicuously absent in this whole mess are Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the like. Where are they? Nothing about this story makes sense, and again, we have no dash-cam video or anything like that. Just a bunch of fuzzy images and an eyewitness account that says police took the baby before they shot the mother. Keep in mind this is a two door car. How were they able to take the baby before shooting the unarmed mother? Come on, folks. This whole thing was fiction. And I bet I know why.

Think of the power that On-Star has over people's cars. They can unlock doors for you when you lose your keys. They know right where you are at all times. If your car gets stolen, they can shut it down. If they wanted to, they could listen in on your every conversation. What if the government is really angling for a way to get this kind of back-door access to all new vehicles? Just a thought ...


Anonymous said...


If you have the capability, download the original Alhurra video from YT and look at it frame by frame in Quicktime. In my opinion this was staged and choreographed. You can see the cops and under covers signalling each other. "She" has not even come to a stop yet and already two are emptying out cruisers to take their spot. The cruiser that is directly behind her looks like it bumps into the Infiniti. I think he got too close. That could be why there is a break in the footage. After the break, she backs into cruiser before swerving to her right. If those guys are real, they need to work on their block and tackle. If you watch it close and slowly you can see they are "getting out of the way" before she even starts moving.

And the story doesn't match the video.

"Video footage shows the Capitol Police officers - who have not been paid since Tuesday because of the government shutdown - surrounded Miriam's car - guns drawn. At one point an officer even sticks his weapon inside her open passenger-side window."

Huh? Passenger side window open? They must have gotten the script to write before hand. You can see one of the cops has his hand against the closed window and the barrel point up.

Not to mention the tan shirt guy on the right at the bottom. He knew something was happening as he got his camera ready. Once the dance was on, he moves over to the right and was cut off from being seen after the footage break. You have to watch slow or frame by frame to catch it.


Anon said...

The key question may be - what relationship did the woman have to some top person.

- Aangirfan

kenny said...

I think they already have the back door access. The next step is to make it 'acceptable.'

Greg Bacon said...

Be careful there Jody, you're friends will start wondering if you're overdosing on truth:)

Jody Paulson said...

Thanks for your input, guys. An article I read at nodisinfo.com makes another good point. If the woman really rammed the barrier, why didn't her airbags deploy? No significant damage to the front end. And I have to tell you, I've been to DC myself (protesting of course) and I know what those black metal posts are like. Totally solid, I imagine they're made of iron. There is no way a car like that could get past them. Capitol police had to have known that, and yet they left an opening for her to get away and drive erratically? And these guys get a standing ovation from Congress?

pier f said...

hi from italy...nice work...

in the video you refer to "TATU Blog",do you can give me the link ?

ps 2
keep up the good work, i admire your bravery, i smell you are risking a lot doing what you are doing, but it's the right thing..

keep digging..