Saturday, June 8, 2013

Impeach Obama

I admit I've avoided saying this for the past few years (it's been well past time) but for some reason I always want to give the guy a flipping chance that he simply doesn't deserve. Why? I don't know, maybe because I figured the alternative was even worse. But now I'm not so sure.

Believe it or not, Cindy Sheehan was one of the first people to have sussed this guy's catastrophic effect on the Peace and Progressive movements. At the time I was fairly close to Cindy, working at her congressional campaign office nearly every day (this was in late 2008, when she was running against Nancy Pelosi and Obama was running for his first term). Everyone was ecstatic over the idea of Obama breaking the color barrier, it was all "hope and change" for progressive minded people, but Cindy wasn't having any of it. She saw how quickly her former friends shut their mouths about peace and real change to fall in line with Obama's "hopey-changey" bullshit. Obama's election was the death knell for the peace movement and she knew it.

This man is a not only a liar, he is a traitor to the Constitution that he purports to be such an expert about. I don't know what the alternative should be but this administration is criminal and it ought to be removed. There, I said it. Whatcha gonna do about it, Obama? You can't shoot us *all*, you can't imprison us *all* ... and the truth will never die.

[To be fair, another perspective is that Obama is being pressured to attack Syria and he's not complying, which is why all the Big Brother outrage is coming out *now*. I think we need to hold a constitutional convention or something. The entire federal government, all three branches, are corrupt to the core.]


Anonymous said...

Absolutely there is no need for a constitutional convention.
Absolutely not.
Just enforce the constitution you have.
That would deal with the corruption of the three branches of government.
Were you to have a constitutional convention, all of the bill of rights would be removed, your guns would be taken by the controlling stooges, your free speech would be eroded, etc.
Just fucking enforce the constitution- and many of these problems would be eliminated.
Absolutely no constitutional congress- the complete hollywood stench you would get out of this would be an abomination.
Absolutely not- enforced by the second amendment of our only and valid constitution.

Anonymous said...

Sigh. Yes, this info on wiretapping (and all the other scandals) seems to be coming out at a precise time…to pressure Obama to attack Syria, which will lead inevitably to attacking Iran.

(Think about it: info on our phones being tapped has been around for about 10 years. Remember AMDOCS? Ring any bells? Lots of the other info is old, too, and the media just magically happened to get all inflamed just recently. Where have they been?)

Anyway, impeaching Obama is the wrong thing to do – because he’s not really President. How can someone be President who cannot even provide a valid id or pass the most basic of background checks?

Obama must be arrested, tried for treason, and, if convicted, put to death. If removed from office,t hen all his EOs and any legislation he signed will therefore be null and void. And all those who failed to vet him and so abetted his rise to power must be held accountable.

A mere impeachment does nothing, Jody. He could resign and scuttle away, like Nixon, leaving his successor in place to carry out their masters’ wishes (and pardon the usurper).

I’m sick of having to explain this info over and over again. You know better, Jody, based on your normally highly insightful writing.


james said...

I've got to agree with Anonymous above. The solution to law breaking that you disagree with is to enforce the law.

To do otherwise is to call into question the legitimacy of the law, the Constitution in this case, and the illegality of the breaches of that law.

james said...

It is easy to forget that when watching Nadal and Ferrer battling it out on centre court that they are co-operating as much as contesting with each other. Indeed, all the contestants in the French Open are co-operating (along with many unseen administrators) to put on a show called The French Open. Everyone is making money out of the public's passive participation.

So it is with party politics. In both cases, what the show promoters don't want is the public walking away. Everything is aimed at pulling the public in. Hence the media saturation.

Jody Paulson said...

Sorry it took so long to get everyone's comments published. Just so you know, I don't have access to a computer on Sundays.

Yeah, I'm not particularly proud of this post, because I *know* impeachment doesn't really do anything, because then you have Biden, and if you even if you get rid of the entire Obama administration, what does that leave us with? I know we have to do something, but I confess I'm not really satisfied with any of the "solutions" which are currently offered to us by the Constitution. When the entire government is corrupt and the populace is so brainwashed they apparently allowed the entire city of Boston to be locked down, on all days, Patriot's Day, what do you do? I confess I don't know. But I have to say something. Most people aren't even outraged, and on one hand I don't blame them, because it's exhausting to be this outraged all the time, and and on the other hand, I *do* blame them, because they are neglecting their civic duty and their cowardice is herding everyone over a cliff.

james said...

It's frustrating but I don't think anything will change for the better till people stop watching teevee. It is what is keeping them in this half brain dead state.

I also think people need to stop looking to the political process to save the situation. Not going to happen. Stop participating as it only legitimises the corrupt system. Walk away. Don't vote.

If someone has to vote, then vote for the non incumbent no matter what party they belong to - Republican or Democrat.

AIPAC doesn't only target party organisations, it targets individual congress men and women. People should do the same.

Imagine a whole lot of fresh faces in Congress after every election and what that would mean.

But it is better not to vote as it distracts people from seeking solutions outside of the control mechanisms in place that keep everyone powerless.