Saturday, May 25, 2013

London Soldier Killing Hoax Plus Sandy Hoax News (video repost)

This video from Max Malone pretty much cinches it.


Anonymous said...

Yes, quite outrageous that there has been no attempt to make this charade look even a bit genuine.
Just a couple of points. The other 'bad guy' who is wearing a light brown coat quite clearly has not even one drop of blood on the coat, nor on his hands, nor anywhere. Also, on later photos taken from helicopter, there is a long streak of 'blood' but on the video there is no blood. That is miraculous.
Thirdly, if you watch the video carefully, at approx 5.40, the 'killer' steps into the road but he seems to hesitate for a split second and then steps directly on to a white spot on the road, as if this was the set marker indicating where he was supposed to walk after giving his speech.

Greg Bacon said...

What's happened to that French FF?

The MSM has distanced itself from that Zio Inc production, so something's up.

And how does one identify the alleged attacker as looking like they were from N. Africa?

That's like saying someone looks like they were from N. America.