Monday, February 18, 2013

9/11 predictive programming

I briefly mentioned predictive programming in my previous post and more extensively here. I recently received a link to a collection of 9-11 images that seem to foreshadow the catastrophe of 2001. Some of them are quite a stretch, but some are just way too improbable to be an accident. For example, did you realize that in the 1999 movie "the Matrix" Anderson's ID just happens to be marked with the date Sept. 11, 2001??? Check it out! [h/t: Sacramento 9/11 Truth]


Greg Bacon said...

Check out this video with all sorts of references to mayhem.

Maybe they like to rub it in our face, like an abusive dog owner?

Jody Paulson said...

Greg, I think a useful metaphor for the bad guys is that they're vampires. Parasites is probably a better word, because normal, loving people are actually stronger than they are, but since decent folk not aware of this a lot of good that does them.

The vampires have no life in them, so they have to steal from those that do. But just as vampires have to be invited in, human beings have to be tricked into freely giving into these monsters. That's why the evil guys have to "warn" normal people before they can pull out their fangs and start sucking them dry. So the vampires can later claim they got "permission."

That's how I think about it, anyway.

Anonymous said...

It's an important rule, or law, in satanism, to fore-warn us of their intentions and plans.

It's called "The Revelation of the Method".

George Orwell, for example, was a satanist/communist. He was an insider. He did not have any special power to see into the future. He was a "court" prophet. His job was to inform of us of what the ruling class in the world have planned.

His "1984", published in 1949,is an example of The Revelation of the Method.

The Revelation is both a warning, and a taunting : " We warned them and they didn't do anything about it, so we're good to go".

The thing is : The satanists don't warn us in a straight-forward,up-front manner. They warn us in a very concealed manner. Orwell wrote a fictional novel as a warning,for example, instead of a straight-forward, honest non-fiction work explaining the plan of the ruling class : That would have been too clear to us. The warning has to be murky and layered in concealment of some kind.

They're cowards. And yes, they are a type of vampire.

Google : "Satanic Revelation of the Method"

Not a pleasant subject at all, but an important one. The more you learn of the Revelation of the Method, the better you can understand what's going on in the world ; You'll be better able to protect your mind, your heart, your spirit. Joe

Jody Paulson said...

Joe, I'm sure Orwell was more of an insider than most people are aware of, but you have to admit he lived a pretty miserable life. I doubt most Mammon-worshippers would have put up with the crushing poverty he did. I don't think all people who are "in the know" are necessarily evil. I'll be honest -- Orwell is one of my favorite writers. Do you have any evidence that he was a Satanist?

Anonymous said...

@ Jody Paulson

As far as I know, Orwell was a member of the Fabian Society, The Fabians were working for a "new world order". Huxley -- "Brave New World" - was a Fabian also.

At the time Orwell joined the Fabians, fascism and communism were two ostensibly opposed political/cultural forces, yet both were financed by The City of London and Wall Street. Bankers in NY and London bank-rolled both the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany.

It was a hegelian dialectic writ-large to cause war and turmoil with the ultimate goal to create a synthesis. The synthesis is the "new world order" coming to fruition today.

Both Orwell and Huxley belonged to a secret society. All secret societies are ruled by satanists -- the banking elite class in the world are satanists.

It doesn't mean that everyone in the secret societies are actual satanists, or if they even know who runs the show. The members of secret socities are doing the work of the satanists, whether they know it or not.

Orwell did have a hard life. Perhaps he had a change of heart. Perhaps there was a falling out. If so, as far as I know, he never mentioned having a falling out with the Fabians.If there was a falling out, perhaps he was afraid to reveal everything he knew about the Fabians. One can't leave a secret society without fear of getting murdered.

In Spain, he sided with the communists. Then he changed his mind about communists. Then, in the early 50's, he informs the British government of possible communists in England. He was all over the place in regards to communism and fascism,socialism and liberal democracy.

His work can be cited by both the right and the left in attacking the other side. In the meantime,both the right and the left are financed and controlled by the same people.

As a member of the Fabian society, along with his friend Huxley, Orwell had to know the war in the 1930's-1940's in Europe between communists and fascists was a hegelian dialectic writ large to bring about the synthesis of the "new world order".

He was very good at predicting the future of the new world order, that's why I say he had to know. Yet, he never seemed to get around to writing a book about hegelian dialectics, and who excatly financed both the fascists and the communists.

As he was so concerned about "the common man", one would think he would have been more forthcoming.

There is much evidence Orwell had good intentions in his heart. But the Fabian society did not have good intentions. In that case, the Fabians used Orwell's intelligence and idealism to Reveal The Method to us.

I have a tendency to write long posts, so I said Orwell was a satanist/communist for the sake of brevity.

Now, after the smoke has cleared from the wars of the fascist/communist dialectic, and we see the synthesis of it today,

I come to the conclusion that the bankers are slavemongers at heart,so I call it communism. It seems more communist than anything else. For the sake of brevity, I said satanist/communist.

If I'm wrong about Orwell,I apologize. One can learn alot from his work, and the story of his life -- whatever the truth about what was in his heart about political/cultural matters.

The main point is, Orwell warned us, and all the right and left can do is argue who is more totalatarian, while both sides are leading us to the gulag.

If I am wrong about Orwell,it's still worth looking into The Revelation of the Method : It's a law in satanism. We are ruled by satanists at the very top of the pyramid ; The Freemasons and secret societies are controlled by the banking elite : It's on our [really : their] fiat dollar bills. Joe

Jody Paulson said...

Thanks for clarifying that, Joe. It's true that most great personages in history have been used by "the powers that were," whether they were aware of it or not. That's how they became "great" throughout "history" which, we know from Ford, is "bunk."

But I have to say, awareness is key to ultimately defeating these evil monsters, and Orwell seemed to really want his readers to understand how the game worked, as opposed to the subliminal hints and cues we find in the entertainment/propaganda crap as cited in the original post.

Anonymous said...

@ Jody Paulson

Yes. We can learn alot more from Orwell than the crap "as cited in the original post". That's for sure.

I'm mentioning the videos you put up about the "crisis actors" and the United Way putting up a web page about the shooting 2 days before the actual shooting, to various websites around the net.

The more people who know about this, the better. Plus, I want you to get even more readers. It's my way of saying thanks for your work. Joe