Monday, November 28, 2011

Is this your child, Loki?

[Here's a poem I found in one of the comments at Portland Indymedia, by a fairly regular poster who goes by the handle "Shaker." This was in response to a post about psychotronic weapons which are currently being used against American citizens.]

Observer and Observed

Where once one might behold a natural definition of horizon,
was allowed to laugh, to love
within the cosmos,
to feel hardly central
and be soothed by the comfortable revolution of the night skies,
an eye has been rocketed
into the well of heaven.
A daring bargain:
such sight in exchange for wisdom
and a stereoscope of ravens.

Infused, expanded, powerful...
Isn't it wonderful,
mechanical networks of associative neurons,
mimicry inebriated with radiated
and re-radiated microwaves?
In what image was this created?

What may have been a tree,
is a mast and antennae?
What may have been stars
are geosynchronus imposters?
What may be revelation
is an incessant shriek well beyond
the comfortable frequency of a heartbeat?
The gods whisper,
and punctuate wisely;
the mistaken irresponsibly scream.

The oracle recognizes the model
but sings in consternation.
Impetuous with the language of the gods,
one may curse in proud ignorance,
but be fated to necromancy
and the perspective of Odin:
with knowledge, but just one eye.

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