Thursday, August 4, 2011

How I feel about the "Super Congress"

This is yet another attempt to dismantle public oversight. It's taxation without representation. Another end-run around the voters. Our Constitution being further whittled away into meaninglessness.

There has to be a tipping point. There has to be a straw that breaks the camel's back. Where is the outrage to come from?

Listen to this excellent commentary from Keith Olbermann. He'll tell you.

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Anonymous said...

If the state legislatures weren't as bad as the Zionist-owned f***stains in DC, they would immediately pass legislation voiding all "federal" laws, pass legislation declaring their eternal independence from DC, shut down every single "federal" agency within their borders, seize all military bases, recall their so-called "representatives" and try them for treason (shutting down Congress in the process), form their own state banks, coin their own money, and tell DC that it can print its phony fiat currency until Hell freezes over, but that it would not be accepted in their state. They would also be informed that they are the only ones who owe this "national" debt.

Obviously, details would have to be fine-tuned, but you get the idea. It's way past time for this "union" made in Hell to end.