Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama "officially" dead. Can we get out of Afghanistan now?

Actually, Osama's bin dead a while now. Another assassinated leader, Benazir Bhutto, said as much:

How convenient that the guy was buried at sea and the compound he was living in was burned to the ground. How's that for evidence?

What, you think that photo of the dead Osama was evidence he was shot in the eye (it was the left eye, you know ... that has occult significance ...)? Check this out:

You know what else is pretty convenient? The timing. What a coincidence -- Saif al-Arab Qaddafi and Colonel Qaddafi's baby grandkids were blown away the very same day. But this clear assassination attempt (much more controversial that the assassination of bin Laden) is overshadowed with the obviously righteous bagging of a hated terrorist. So let's not question the wisdom of going around assassinating whatever foreign leader we find inconvenient.

Can we get out of Afghanistan now?

Speaking of "occult significance," I had also considered it probably more than a coincidence yesterday was the anniversary of George W. Bush's infamous "Mission Accomplished" speech. Guess what? It's also the anniversary of the founding of the Illuminati. More about Beltane and its traditional link with human sacrifice here:

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