Thursday, April 14, 2011

Why are we still ...

... at war in Afghanistan? *
... at war in Iraq? **
... holding prisoners at Guantanamo Bay?
... talking about Sarah Palin?
... suffering confessed war criminals like Dick "I authorized water-boarding" Cheney?
... suffering the loss of our civil rights under the Patriot Act?
... using fossil fuels?
... pretending the system is still functional when we only have two "viable" parties and they're both utterly corrupt and we are still
... deciding elections using crooked voting machines?
... paying taxes?

* I thought the point was to capture Osama bin Laden. If that was really the point, don't you think we'd have caught him by now?
** I thought the point was regime change due to Saddam Husein's "Weapons of Mass Destruction." Well, it turns out there weren't any weapons of mass destruction but we got our regime change anyway. Yet we're still spending billions on war in Iraq.

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