Monday, December 27, 2010

Mainstream Media Ignores 132 Arrests at White House

I've been away from the computer for some time (I have to go to the library just to check my email) due to the Christmas holiday and some particularly nasty weather. I didn't even know about this ... one of the largest mass detentions in recent years. I would have remembered it if I'd heard about it in the mainstream news (I was actually arrested with Daniel Ellsberg in another mass arrest a few years ago in San Francisco).

Over a hundred US veterans opposed to US wars in Afghanistan and elsewhere around the world, and their civilian supporters, chained and tied themselves to the White House fence during an early snowstorm to say enough is enough.

According to this link, "No major US news media reported on the demonstration or the arrests. It was blacked out of the New York Times, blacked out of the Philadelphia Inquirer, blacked out in the Los Angeles Times, blacked out of the Wall Street Journal, and even blacked out of the capital's local daily, the Washington Post."

Video here.

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