Monday, August 30, 2010

Corexit still being sprayed, people are getting sick

GW on Washington's blog confirms that Corexit, the toxic oil dispersant, is still being sprayed in the Gulf. Corexit is seriously depleting the amount of oxygen in the area, and is known to rupture red blood cells. Now there's a new illness being reported around the Gulf: the "Blue Flu" or the "BP Flu" where people are suffering from symptoms associated with the lack of oxygen -- like blue lips, headaches, etc.

No one's talking about it in the regular news, as far as I'm aware. I find it keenly ironic that yesterday all they could talk about was how New Orleans was recovering from Hurricane Katrina, while failing to address a similar catastrophe in Pakistan going on *right now*, and an environmental health disaster going on because of Corexit spraying *right now* in the Gulf of Mexico!

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