Wednesday, July 14, 2010

BP pisses in our pool

and tells us it's raining.

Honestly, I can't get over how absolutely absurd things have gotten. What does mainstream media/BP/the shadow government expect us to swallow next?? How can it be over 80 days from the "spill" and still we don't have things under control? Can't you put a giant condom or water balloon-type thing over it? Or siphon it off with a giant hose or something? Excuse me, I just can't buy the idea that there's nothing to be done but let the pipe gush when all you have to do is keep the oil separate from clean water.

It's like when the California Dept. of Agriculture wanted to spray only heavily populated areas with untested chemicals ... to battle a non-threatening moth that supposedly menaced apple trees. It's like they are inventing excuses to introduce poisons to the air and water. Am I being paranoid here? Well, watch this clip, where we discover the only reason BP introduced "dispersants" (which happen to be toxic) was for cosmetics ...

and read this: My Boating 'Experience' Into the Gulf Offshore Pt. Charlotte FL - Toxic Air - Red Tide/Flu Symptoms *UPDATE Hydrogen Sulfide Gas

Now ask yourself, "why is it that Lindsay Lohan and the 'Barefoot Bandit' are today's top news stories?"

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