Monday, May 10, 2010

No Justice, No Peace

It's been almost a decade since the world-changing events of 9-11. Over the years we have been shown time and again that the people in power at the time have lied repeatedly about things like weapons of mass destruction, yellowcake uranium and "Mission Accomplished." They have personally OK'd torture and signed bills and executive orders eviscerating our civil rights. Yet they themselves have never been held accountable, never had to testify under oath about what happened that day, despite some very suspicious actions:

Dick Cheney and Norman Mineta's testimony

Bush says he saw first plane hit the World Trade Center at Sarasota Photo Op

9-11-01: An interesting day for the President

Obama says we need to move forward. Does that mean we excuse the lies, the treasonous outing of undercover operatives for political gain, and simply not examine very suspicious behavior of the previous administration regarding the events of 9-11? Excuse me, crimes are, by their nature, always committed in the past. How can we move on where there is no justice for those who may have been hurt or killed by the previous administration's actions?

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