Monday, January 25, 2010

Bush and Clinton in charge of Haiti Rescue Fund?? Creepy.

I've refrained from talking about Haiti the past couple weeks because, believe it or not, the whole thing kind of creeps me out. God knows I've engaged in wild-eyed speculation on this blog, and I'm certainly not afraid of forwarding unpopular "conspiracy theories;" but though it's been years since I've heard that HAARP could cause earthquakes and I know that America has bloodied its hands through years of interference with Haitian foreign policy, there's something about the scale and horror of what just happened at Port-au-Prince that makes me really, really not want to go there. Kind of like Michael Ruppert (one of the earliest researchers of the events of 9-11): I Really, Really Do Not Like This Story

But hearing a Royal Navy flotilla withdrew from the Caribean weeks before the quake ("...the unpublicised cut marked the first time that the Royal Navy has had a significant gap in cover in the Caribbean since the 17th century") and this story: The Militarization of Emergency Aid to Haiti
and just the general creepiness of putting George W. Bush and Bill Clinton in charge of emergency fund-raising ... well, I've got to say something. I don't like the way things are smelling. How surreal is it that the guy who said "You're doing a heck of a job, Brownie!" while the head of FEMA totally fucked up Katrina disaster relief was just on television saying, "One of the things that [President Clinton] and I will do is to make sure your money is spent wisely."

Suppose that Anchorage, Alaska was totally flattened by an earthquake (it's happened before!) and nearby Russia says it's sending about 10,000 troops to "help out" -- and they've already taken over the airport, controlling the flow of all relief supplies. According to Michel Chossudovsky, that's what's going on in Haiti ... beginning to sound more like an invasion than a rescue mission, isn't it?

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