Thursday, September 4, 2008

Do you get the feeling we're being distracted ... *again*?

There's a genuine police state situation shaping up near the RNC. Dick Cheney is touring all the former Soviet satellite countries like the Ukraine, Georgia, and Azerbaijan. And all the press can talk about is Caribou Barbie and try to tamp down the fact her family is every bit as dysfunctional as most of the rest of our country (thanks in part to right-wing repressiveness about birth control).

Palin is such a weird, distracting choice for a running mate (except maybe to the evangelical far-right Christians) I'm a little worried the Republicans have written off the idea of even having an election. What if this whole thing is a distraction and "the Powers That Be" are banking on martial law between now and November?

There I go again. I've been on the edge of my seat waiting for another 9-11 for years now ... sorry ... but the truth is, friends, if you haven't been at least a little paranoid over the weird happenings of the last seven years you haven't been paying attention ...

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