Monday, July 21, 2008

Link to old radio shows

Hi, sorry I haven't written for a while ... here's a link to most of my radio commentaries (much faster than the search link I've been giving):

Here in San Francisco, there was a die-in in front of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's house last weekend. We covered our bodies with red-spattered sheets and lay down in the street to the eerie sounds of falling bombs. We were protesting H Con Res 362, which urges Bush to blockade Iran, a potential first step towards WWIII. I heard I made a brief appearance on the news (though I wasn't among the three who went on Pelosi's property and thus got arrested). As usual for these kinds of things, Pelosi wasn't actually home to hear us sing protest songs and watch us take direct action -- she was in Texas. Cindy's sister Dede and campaign manager Tiffany showed up at the protest too (Cindy would have been there, but she wasn't feeling well).

The good news is that Cindy's congressional campaign against Nancy Pelosi is really picking up steam -- and a lot of notice. For a while I was worried we wouldn't get the 10,000 signatures we needed to get on the ballot (California is the 4th hardest state to run as an independent), but we're back on track! You can contribute to Cindy's campaign by clicking here: . We don't need an enabler of torture and wiretapping in the Speaker's chair.

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