Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Checking in, again ...

I wish I could have sorted out a theme for this entry, but it's been so long since I've last written I figured I'd just throw together a hodge-podge of stuff I'd like people to look at and consider -- you know, stuff *they don't tell you*.

It certainly didn't seem like a major news item the morning after Dennis Kucinich listed out 35 articles of impeachment against George W. Bush on C-SPAN yesterday. He did a great job listing them out -- he was on for hours, Mike Malloy had him streaming live on his radio show. Each and every one of those articles detailed a serious crime against the American people and our constitution. Just now I went to CNN.com to see if I could find any articles about it. Not a one.

But we all know the revolution won't be televised, don't we?

No, they only televise lies, like this one -- here's the Republican presidential nominee, clearly and shamefully lying about something you'd think would be pretty damn important to the American people: the success of the Iraq occupation we've been paying for with our blood and dollars.

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