Monday, May 12, 2008

What I've been doing lately

Yesterday was a special 9-11 truth action day in San Francisco -- we hosted a West Coast Convergence with people as far away as Seattle, L.A., Colorado and Michigan. We had a parade both Saturday and Sunday, but I think overall we actually reached more people on Saturday because we hung around a much busier location than Golden Gate Park. I met a lot of wonderful people there, as well as familiar friends from the Bay Area -- including Carol Brouillet, printer of the "deception dollar." Everybody, please send healing thoughts and prayers Carol's way. She is a powerful force for truth, hope and change, but she's facing some serious health issues right now, which she mentions on her blog.

I've also been doing a lot of volunteering for Cindy Sheehan's congressional campaign against Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. We need 10,000 signatures from San Francisco voters to get Cindy on the ballot as an Independent -- no easy task. If you just happen to be a San Francisco voter in Pelosi's district, by all means come on down to our office at 1260 Mission Street and sign our petition -- better yet, help us circulate the petition to your friends. Let's get war funding OFF the table and impeachment (of Cheney and Bush) ON the table!

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