Sunday, March 16, 2008

The meaning of 9-11

[This is one of my more esoteric musings ... if that's not your cup of tea, skip this post.]

These days I see a lot of symbolic meaning in world events. I suppose I always have, but never to the degree that I've been seeing them now. There are too many synchonicities, wild coincidences, and strange connections to ignore these past few years.

Obviously I'm not a Mason, I've never studied Mansonry to any great extent, but I have to say that I've always had an intuitive knowledge about some very esoteric things that I now understand to be connected with Masonry. They are also connected to Gnosticism, Hinduism and Buddhism, I realize, with the mystical dabbling I've done with those subjects over the years.

I understand that twin pillars are very important in Masonry. I've seen these on Buddhist paintings and statues, as well. I'm pretty sure these represent the duality of our 3-D world. In Taoism, this duality is represented by the ying-yang symbol, but Western culture (being less enamored with circles than the Chinese, I guess) has by and large chosen to respresent this concept using pillars. By duality, I simply mean the play of opposites -- male and female, good and bad, us and them, being and non-being. In the binary system, I suppose that would be 1's and 0's.

What happened on 9-11, I think, goes beyond a simple act of terrorism -- it was a symbolic act on a spiritual level (or if you're an atheist and you don't believe in a higher power that expresses itself through the work of those less conscious, at least grant that it was done on a cultic level by those who do). There are plenty of materialistic reasons for the criminals who perpetrated the attacks on the twin towers to have done so, but if you look at the symbolism of what happened that day, it's undeniable that there's a lot of mystic meaning to what happened. (BTW, the Masons are connected with the invention of the Tarot -- have you ever seen the card called "the Tower?")

Obviously the twin towers represent the twin pillars of duality. The number 11 itself looks like twin pillars, and is a master number in Masonry. I think the events of 9-11 herald an age when duality is being transended. We have to understand that whoever is being presented as our enemy are, in fact, people like us. Can we see a bit of ourselves in our enemy? Can we see the opposite sex in ourselves? Can we see how what looks like evil can actually be used for good and vice-versa? I think these are the kinds of challenges we are being met with these days.

It's easy to see things in black and white, but after a while you come to realize that seeing the world this way puts everything behind iron bars. We've been wearing prison stripes long enough, haven't we? What's behind the duality of opposites is the transendental.


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PursuingTruth said...

thanks for you post, You have seen the doorway. The enemy meant this for evil but God meant it for good. It has begun to open our eyes.
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