Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Radical Botany

I love these articles I find posted on Portland Indymedia from time to time. They're like a walk in the woods with a grandparent filled with ancestrial wisdom, who's always pointing out the wonderful things in nature I would otherwise have neglected to notice.

Online Radical Botany Skill Share

Plant/human communities and the White Oak

Learning the Lay of the Land and Oregon Grape

Plant Identification and Miner's Lettuce

Plants as Shelter and Willow

Plants for clothes, shoes and utility- Plant: Cattail

Seeds and wild plants-Valuable?

The Great Harvest

Nettles and the potherb


I'll update this post when I see new articles.


Steve said...


Have you read "Botany of Desire"? It is a fascinating book by Michael Pallen(sp?) on the history of various plants. Well, 3 specifically...Tulips, Marijuana, Potatoes.

What's new in SF?


Jody Paulson said...

Hi, Styve! No, I haven't read that book. Will look into it though. I'll post anything spectacularly new in SF on my blog when I have (Internet) time, which is rare these days.

Steve said...

Thanks for getting back to me here. I forgot the best section of the book...the history of Johnny Appleseed and the role of apples in American botany, etc.

Take care~


Ellen O'Shea said...


Thank you for archiving these articles over the last few years. I was not in the position to archive them myself. You are a keeper of my craft. Thank you so much.
I have now created a website called Radical Botany. I will be reposting the 13 weeks of Radical botany Skillshares on my website, plus I have added a lot of plant knowledge for native plants in Cascadia. I also have added links to allow others learn about the plants as well as maps and ethnobotany. Thanks again for archiving and spreading the word. My new website can be found at www.radicalbotany.com

See you in the deep woods.

Z Cascadia AKA - Ellen O'Shea

Jody Paulson said...

Wow, Ellen, that looks like it's going to be a really cool site! I'll put it in my "Favorite Websites" section.