Sunday, January 27, 2008

"Mental conditioning" through electromagnetism

I was glad to see this topic in hardcopy in a glossy (though admittedly free & esoteric) magazine. This stuff definitely exists, I've written about it elsewhere, but the mainstream media by and large won't touch it:

Military Mindfields
By Daniel Pinchbeck

A lot of people automatically turn off when they hear about experiments in "mind control." Personally, I'm turned off by that phrase myself because "mind conditioning" is a better description. "Mind control" implies that people don't have free will, when obviously they do. But lack of awareness prevents them from having a fair shot of exercising it.

The idea behind using wave technology to affect people's mood, cognative ability, etc. is actually pretty straightforward. Most of us know that brainwave frequency changes with our level of alertness -- beta brainwaves (a faster wave) are associated with a highly alert mental state, whereas alpha brainwaves (a lower frequency) are associated with daydreaming, hypnosis, etc. Theta and delta brainwaves are often asscociated with sleep or deep meditation.

The concepts of entrainment and resonance have been understood for centuries. We know that generally, things tend to fall into rhythm with each other. If you stand two grandfather clocks against the same wall, for example, the rhythm of their pendulums will soon become synchronized. So people have asked the question: what if you beam strong electromagnetic waves at someone? Can you change their brain frequency? It turns out that you can.

Allow me to further speculate: if you can shift a brain to a frequency specific to a hypnotic state and had some way to constantly broadcast subliminal affirmations (or dis-affirmations) to a person (or people, you could theoretically broadcast these waves over a large area) could you affect that person's/people's behavior? If you think not, I'd wager you haven't done much study in psychology and marketing. Subliminal messages work. And the technology to broadcast them currently exists.

Now, would you call this "mind control?" I wouldn't, any more than I'd call hypnotism "mind control." But there's a big difference here -- generally, when someone is being hypnotized they are well aware of it and willingly submit to it. To hypnotize people without their knowledge and consent is obviously dangerous and highly unethical. If we aren't aware of the potential of this technology, how can we legislate against its abuse?

Currently various military organizations are scrambling to use the directed wave energy concept as both a weapon and tool for social control. This is an open secret -- do the research if you don't believe me. But the mainstream press absolutely will not talk about the fact that it is in operational use. I know it is because it has been used on me.

Just as with new breakthroughs in biotechnology, awareness is the key for transforming what is being used destructively into something that can be used to better all of our lives.

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Anonymous said...

You stated that beaming waves at someone has an affect on brain activity. Would you share your source on that, please, I'd like to confirm.

The link that is there led me to a site called 'I'm Bored' and it seemed to be a forum of some sort.

Any other sources you think might be of interest or pertinence.