Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Code Pink: Camp Feinstein and Camp Pelosi

I don't have much time to write a lot today ... let me just say that I've spent the last few days sleeping in a sleeping bag in front of one of the most gorgeous homes in San Francisco -- Senator Feinstein's house. It's up a huge flight of stairs, though, and seeing that I haven't been eating anything during that time, it's been a pain in the rear to go anywhere. The first night we had around 16 people stay overnight, but lately that number has dropped to around five. I'd like to see this movement build and if anyone lives close to here please, show up to Camp Pelosi and at least show your support. We really appreciate it.

Essentially, we want Feinstein to stop funding the illegal occupation in Iraq. I'm also pretty mad at her for voting for the increased powers to wiretap American citizens, but to be fair I am glad she called for the closure of Guantanamo Bay Prison recently.

Today Code Pink moved their camp/hunger strike to Speaker Nancy Pelosi's house, because Nancy has refused to hold a town meeting that we have been requesting for months -- we want her to put impeachment on the table and (as for me personally) I'm pretty upset that she allowed the money for the "surge" in Iraq to come up for a vote, as well as the vote for increased powers to wiretap Americans, even though she voted against those measures.

Here's an excellent article on our Sunday walk over the Golden Gate Bridge (about 100 very colorful participants showed up):

Camp Feinstein: Lyon and Vellejo street (go up the stairs to the big garden with the heart in it)

Camp Pelosi: Corner of Broadway and Normandie (Normandie is by Divisadero)

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