Friday, March 16, 2007

Meet the "London Bombers"

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Here's the skinny on the guys who blew up a bus and a subway the exact day a training exercise for the very same scenario was scheduled -- killing and maiming other Muslims in the process.

Hasib Hussain, 18, a "loving and normal young man" --

Shehzad Tanweer, 22, a university graduate who studied sports science and loved cricket and football. "The best lad you could ever meet" --,,22989-1692042,00.html "He was proud to be British. He had everything to live for." --

Mohammed Sadique Khan, 30, married with a baby daughter, worked with disabled children in a primary school. "I never knew he had a religious background. I go to the local mosque and have never seen him there." --

Lindsay Jamal, 19, a Muslim convert from Jamaica, married with a 15-month-old son. "He wasn't the sort of person who'd do this. I won't believe it until I see proof." --,,2005320810,00,00.html (Note: in this story, he's named as "Lindsey Germaine" , see also , not to be confused with Lindsey German, the London born convenor of the Stop the War Coalition. )

These guys, after buying return tickets from London to Luton [ ], were caught on CCTV cameras - one police source said the men were chatting "as though they were going on a hiking holiday". --,,30000-13385127,00.html Police are still trying to figure out why some of the bombers appeared to be carrying pieces of identification not just of themselves but of at least some of their three accomplices. --

Hmmm. What might explain this? Maybe the guys who were supposed to plant the documents got mixed up.

"Hey you, Muslim person. Wanna make a hundred pounds? You could use that kind of dough, with a new kid and all. We're running a terror drill, and all you gotta do is take this here harmless backpack with a fake bomb inside to work with you tomorrow, just to see if the subway guards catch you or not. Mum's the word, this is national security and all; you can't tell anyone!" --

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